Cadagua commissions drinking water treatment plant with a capacity of 170,000 m3 in India


On May 29, Cadagua inaugurated the Hogenakkal drinking water treatment plant, located in Tamil Nadu, India, marking the beginning of the 5-year operation and maintenance period for which the company will be responsible.

The plant has a capacity of 170,000 m3. The project was financed by the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and the contract was awarded by the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board.

The contract was executed in a Joint Venture with IVRCL Infrastructures & Project and forms part of the Hogenakkal Integrated Drinking Water Project. This project seeks to ensure the supply of safe drinking water to the drought prone and fluorosis-affected districts of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri in the state of Tamil Nadu, using water from the River Cauvery.

The project involved the construction of a number of different infrastructures:

  • Intake works and raw water pumping station upstream of River Cauvery, at site location 45 km west of Dharmapuri
  • Raw water pipeline of approximately 6.25 km in length to connect the raw water pumping station and the Water Treatment Works
  • Water Treatment Works
  • Treated water pumping station
  • Treated water lift pipeline with length of 1.50 km. to the inlet sump of the booster
  • Treated water booster pumping station
  • Treated water booster pipe lift to MADAM
  • Master balancing reservoir at MADAM