Cadagua optimizes electricty consumption in the Valdelentisco WTP

Valdelentisco Desalination Plant was designed and executed by Cadagua. In January 2008, the plant was inaugurated and put in service.

For energy recovery the plant is equipped with a system, which was an innovative and efficient design of his time, but which has become obsolete against energy recovery  devices (ERIs) based on isobaric chambers. These devices can achieve much greater reduction of the specific electrical consumption during reverse osmosis process. For this reason Cadagua carried out the replacement in two racks of the existing energy recovery system, by the new system, ERI model PX-Q300. Replacement work was completed in November 2013 and, after commissioning, went into service. Since then it has worked in perfect conditions, being able to verify consistently the expected energy saving.


After this highly satisfactory experience, Cadagua is preparing to make an even more ambitious modification, which will bring even greater reductions in specific consumption. For this, the original energy recovery system will be replaced by ERI system in another eight racks.

Source: Cadagua