Cambi awarded another major contract at a WWTP in Beijing


Beijing Drainage Construction Company has awarded Cambi a second contract for the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP). The contract at Xiaohongmen Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) follows the recent contract for Gaobeidian WWTP, Beijing’s largest. Xiaoghongmen is Beijing’s second largest wastewater treatment plant, and is owned and operated by the Beijing Drainage Group. The plant serves a population of two million residents.

The Cambi THP technology will help Beijing and China on their way to achieve a highly efficient and robust sludge treatment with huge environmental and economic benefits.

Beijing Drainage Group will use Cambi THP to upgrade the Xiaohongmen WWTP’s five large egg-shaped digesters to advanced sludge treatment. The digesters are currently used to treat primary sludge only, with the secondary sludge treated by lime stabilization. Now the full sludge amount will be treated in Cambi THP with subsequent advanced digestion in the existing digesters, and the final dewatered cake will be used for land application. The surplus biogas produced will be used in the digestion project for heat and green electricity for use in the WWTP plant.