Campo de Dalías Desalination Plant (Almeria)

One of Europe’s largest desalination plants.


With a treatment capacity of 97,200 m3 per day, the Campo Dalías seawater desalination plant in the province of Almeria is amongst the largest desalination facilities in Europe. The project was promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs, through Acuamed, and required investment of €130 million. It will enable the production of water to supply 300,000 inhabitants and 8,000 hectares of irrigation land in the west of Almeria.

The contract was awarded to a consortium made up of Veolia Water Systems, Sando Construcciones, Inypsa and Montajes Eléctricos Crescencio Pérez, and encompasses the design and construction of the infrastructures, as well as operation and maintenance of the facility for a period of 15 years.

The building of the plant required over 1,200,000 man hours, 12,810 membranes, 41 km of pipes and over 3,000 electromechanical pieces of equipment, including static and rotary units. These figures are just some examples of the magnitude of this facility, whose daily production capacity would be capable of filling 47 Olympic swimming pools.

Amongst other objectives, the Campo Dalías Desalination Plant will achieve the natural regeneration of the aquifers and prevent overexploitation for agricultural purposes. The River Basin Management Authority of the South of Spain (Confederación Hidrográfica del Sur), following the definitive declaration of overexploitation of the aquifer in September 1995, drafted the Campo de Dalías Master Plan, which sought to correct this situation. This plan envisages a reduction of extractions of around 50 Hm3/annum and the substitution of this quantity for regulated resources from the Benínar reservoir, reclaimed wastewater and desalinated seawater.

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