Canal de Isabel II to upgrade and automate filters at Colmenar Viejo DWTP

The company will invest €2.63 million in this project, which will pave the way for future renovation of the facility.

The Government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid was informed today of Canal de Isabel II’s proposal to invite tenders for the renovation of the filter cleaning pipes and the automation of filters 33 to 64 at the Colmenar Viejo Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP). The contract will have an execution term of 13 months and will be worth a total of €2,632,207.13, excluding VAT.

This contract will see the partial renovation of the DWTP in Colmenar Viejo for the purpose of guaranteeing current supply quality and capacity (14 m3/s) throughout the different stages of the construction of the new Colmenar Viejo DWTP. Canal de Isabel II is currently working on the design and tender procedure for the new facility.

The project will involve the renovation of the water and air inlet and outlet pipes for 32 of the 64 filters at the plant. In addition, the publicly-owned company will automate the operation of these filters and upgrade the associated utility tunnels.

Filtration is the last physical process in the drinking water treatment line prior to final disinfection. The Colmenar Viejo DWTP features two groups of 32 filters (north and south) with silica sand media. The water passes by gravity through these filters, which retain solid particles. 

This renovation work will guarantee the maintenance of current service levels until the new facilities at the Colmenar Viejo DWTP are ready to enter into operation. Moreover, the work will improve the energy efficiency of the potabilization process, bearing in mind that filtration is one of the greatest sources of energy consumption in the water treatment lin