Carburos Metálicos, a leading Spanish company specialising in the industrial and medical gases sector, belongs to the Air Products Group. The company will build and operate a facility for the recovery, purification and reuse of CO2 from the Bioeléctrica de Garray biomass power plant owned by ENSO (Energy Environment and Sustainability). The power plant, located in Garray (Soria), will provide the energy and steam needed for CO2 capture and processing and the new facility is expected to enter into operation in June 2021.

The project will prevent the emission of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. It will also avoid 100,000 kilometres per year of CO2 transportation by road in Castilla y León and neighbouring regions to supply customers from different sectors, including the food and beverage industry.

This agreement and the new plant will increase the production capacity of Carburos Metálicos, consolidate its leading position in the Spanish carbon dioxide market and reinforce the company’s commitment to a circular economy, through the use of CO2 of renewable origin obtained by sequestering and reusing a resource that would otherwise be wasted.

The Garray biomass plant has been in operation since 2013 and has an installed capacity of 17MWe. It is fuelled by forest biomass from pruning and forest cleaning activities, as well as agricultural by-products, meaning that it contributes to fire prevention whilst adding value to vegetable waste.

The project for the new CO2 capture, purification and storage facility in Garray is financed by the European Union’s LIFE Programme, an instrument created in 1992 to support and finance actions aimed at protecting the environment and acting against climate change. More information on the project is available at