Caring for the planet. A matter for women?

I was very pleased when FuturENVIRO asked me to pen this article in order to share my vision of a more sustainable and cleaner future, and how women can contribute to it. However, when I really got down to documenting and researching for the purpose of writing it, I discovered more negatives than positives. The first problem is how the concept of sustainability can really be defined without ideologies taking precedence over science, and without destroying ourselves along the way…

Marta Perez Dorao, President of the Inspiring Girls Foundation and CEO of the Spanish Federation of Household Appliance Distributors (FECE)

There is no doubt that a more sustainable future requires the work, talent and vision of everyone, men and women. However, if we begin by looking at the question of climate change, less than 25% of the influential positions in negotiating teams are occupied by women at the current COP 26 conference, despite the fact that 67% of climate activists are women, and that women are more affected by climate catastrophes. That is why more than 400 women climate leaders have signed an open letter* calling for greater transparency and accountability for gender equality at these summits.

Greater proximity to the primary needs of their environments, and the defence of their homes and children, influences women’s practical and effective approach to any situation of change. Given the “ideologization” of environmental issues, this approach is essential to protect ecosystems.

We are being bombarded with insufficiently proven messages on the climate issue, in which political and ideological positions take precedence over scientific evidence. Yesterday all cars had to be electric, but where will the energy for so many recharging stations come from? No explanation is given. Neither is it explained that our total wind and solar energy production would not be sufficient to maintain our entire car fleet – if it were electric – supposing that we also wished to heat our houses and take hot showers. Today, it is methane that must be reduced at all costs, giving rise to a scenario of everyone against livestock farming. What is not said is that landfills generate more methane, and that proper biogenic waste management would significantly reduce emissions of this greenhouse gas. Climate phenomena are alleged to be due to global warming but there is no sufficiently well documented mathematical series to prove it. Nuclear energy is demonised, but we buy it from France. It is all very well to want to protect the earth, but we must be aware that someone has to pay for the party.

Published in #84 FuturENVIRO October – November 2021