Castilla-La Mancha government to invest €136 M in maintenance, water management and treatment, and water supply infrastructure


Of the total amount ratified, 102.5 million euro will be spent on the maintenance and management of 238 wastewater treatment plants; 24.7 million on the supply system of Picadas-Almoguera and the ‘El Girasol’ association of municipalities.

4.8 million on control of water supply and treatment in 417 municipalities; and a further 4 million euro will be invested on the extension to the Tarancón WWTP.

The signing of two addendums with the Provincial Councils of Albacete and Ciudad Real have also been ratified, for the purpose of complementing the contribution of these Provincial Councils to the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Plan for Employment and Income Guarantee 2018-2020, and to compensate for the effects of the increase in the Minimum Inter-professional Salary for 2019.