Catalan Waste Agency to finance first stage of project to upgrade Can Barba composting and biomethanisation plant

The Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) has ratified a subsidy for the first stage of a project to upgrade the Can Barba composting and biomethanisation plant in Terrassa (Barcelona). The facility is managed by the Consorcio para la Gestión de Residuos del Vallès Occidental. The ARC will allocate €4.6 million to optimising the performance and capacity of the plant, which has become obsolete after almost 20 years in operation.

The work carried out will serve to improve plant performance, reduce the quantity of reject generated
and increase the capacity and efficiency of organic matter treatment processes in both biomethanisation, and composting and maturation.

The current pretreatment process results in a reject fraction of around 40% of all organic waste entering the plant and this fraction is sent to landfill. Because this percentage is higher than that of similar plants, it was decided to upgrade the facility in order to achieve maturation objectives and produce a high quality compost.