Catalan Water Agency earmarks almost €4.5 million to promote and foster R&D&i in global urban water cycle over coming five years

The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) is to spend almost €4.5 million on promoting and fostering research, development and innovation in the global urban water cycle over the coming five years (2017-21). The announcement was made at an event held in the Palau Robert in Barcelona for the purpose of explaining and presenting the main initiatives in this area to a total of 100 attendees. It should be borne in mind that the ACA is already participating as a partner in a total of five projects.

This investment is outlined in Annex II of the Programme of Measures of the Catalonian River Basin District Management Plan. The amount is to be invested in a total of 46 initiatives that will focus on: studies into hydromorphological restoration of rivers (16 initiatives), restoration of wetlands (5 initiatives), control and mitigation of invasive species (5 initiatives), protection of the coastal environment (4 initiatives), preventive measures and aquifer enhancement (6 initiatives), coordinated exploitation of water resources (1 initiative), measures to mitigate industrial pollution (4 initiatives), reduction of nitrates from agricultural sources (2 initiatives), pesticide reduction (1 initiative), aquifer decontamination (2 initiatives) and smart flood risk management measures (1 initiative).

In parallel to this, the ACA has an additional budget allocation that will be devoted to projects related to the strategic lines defined by the agency.