Secondary Shredders: Comparative Table & Technical Guide (2021)

The production of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) and Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) is a strategic component of integrated waste management policy. It also forms part of energy strategy and the fight against climate change....

An entire sector against eSIR

An entire sector against eSIR | Ion Olaeta, President of FER, member of the Board of Directors of EuRIC and Vice-president of the European Plastics Recycling Board (EPRB).

The new electronic platform for waste gives rise to great concern

The new electronic platform for waste gives rise to great concern

RESPECT: Development of Sustainable Recycling Processes for the Plastics Industry

RESPECT: Desarrollo de procesos de reciclado sostenibles para la industria del plástico

Ecopick helps to streamline pharmaceutical waste sorting and recycling at the Biotran plant

Ecopick ayuda a optimizar la clasificación y reciclaje de residuos farmacéuticos en la planta de Biotran

In Depth: Analysis of the waste sector in 2020 and forecasts for 2021

Empezamos el año con un primer número especial de agua de FuturENVIRO, con nuestra ya instaurada sección especial denominada “A Fondo: Análisis 2020”. Una sección en las que personalidades y asociaciones del sector del agua hacen un repaso de los acontecimientos más importantes en el sector del agua durante el año.

The world’s first fully automated textile sorting plant

STADLER and TOMRA delivered the fully automated sorting plant for Sysav Industri AB, which sorts pre- and post-consumer mixed textile waste in southern Skåne, in Sweden. STADLER designed and built the plant, while TOMRA...

PREMET25: Área Metropolitana de Barcelona´s major waste initiative

Integrated waste management is one of the greatest challenges facing the metropolis of Barcelona. This includes prevention and taking the steps necessary to move from a linear to a circular economy in which the...

Circular economy wins is Valencia

Evolving towards a circular economy is a very important challenge for any society due to what it involves: more efficient use of resources and reducing the exploitation of raw materials in order to guarantee...

ScrapAd – Worldwide platform to connect buyers and sellers of all types of waste...

ScrapAd, plataforma mundial para conectar compradores y vendedores de todo tipo de residuos y metales