Doraleh Desalination Plant (Djibouti)
Jebel Ali desalination plant in Dubai
(United Arab Emirates)
Balers, compactors & ballistic separators. Comparative Table & Technical Guide (2021)
Installation of catalytic system at Sant Adrià de Besòs Waste-to-Energy Plant
Tablas comparativas y guías técnicas (2021): Pre-trituradores estacionarios y móviles; Separadores de corriente de Foucault y magnéticos; Separadores ópticos y Cribas de doble piso o malla elástica
Área Ambiental de Ca Na Putxa. Planta de triaje de Residuos Urbanos y Tratamiento de la Materia Orgánica de Ibiza y Formentera
Proyecto de saneamiento y depuración de la comarca agraria de Hervás (Cáceres)
Proyecto de saneamiento y depuración de la comarca agraria de Hervás (Cáceres)
ACCIONA has completed the commissioning phase for the plant and is now producing water beyond its nominal capacity. ACCIONA has completed the construction of the Al Khobar I desalination plant in Saudi Arabia and the plant has been producing water beyond its nominal capacity since December 26. The highly energy-efficient seawater...
Background The Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex (CMR) is located to the north of the municipality of Loeches, in the east of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The Complex will serve the 31 municipalities affiliated to the Mancomunidad del Este (Eastern Madrid Association of Municipal Councils). The Complex was built on a...
Due to the concentration of population in the metropolitan area, the Bogota River currently suffers from significant pollution issues due to the reception of waters from the Salitre, Fucha and Tunjuelo tributaries, which turns the Bogota River into a dead river in certain sections. To mitigate this problem, the CAR...