Circularweekend Gijón to promote circular economy projects of entrepreneurs and companies

The event will be held on November 15 and 16 at Gijón Impulsa’s Edificio Cristasa. The aim is to achieve more practical implementation of the circular economy in Gijón. Circularweekend has the support of the Gijón City Council, Mapfre and Bankinter. Registration is free of charge.

The second edition of Circularweekend will take place in Gijón at the facilities of the Centro Municipal de Empresas (CRISTASA) on November 15 and 16. The goal is to promote the circular economy projects of entrepreneurs and businesses, thus helping to make Gijón a more circular city.

Promoted by Enviroo and Gijón Impulsa, Circularweekend is an innovation event that seeks to provide guidance on launching ideas based on circular business models, modernise companies by implementing more resource-efficient processes and promote networking amongst all actors in the circular economy ecosystem. With the objective of achieving more practical application of the concept, Circularweekend Gijón will feature presentations, workshops and advisory services to help overcome the challenges associated with this economic model and facilitate the launch of new projects.

The initiative, which also enjoys the support of Bankinter and Mapfre, is aimed at entrepreneurs, companies and entities interested in the development of any circular economy process or design, regardless of the project starting point or scope. The event also seeks to provide practical examples to help enhance the efficiency of different models (administrative management, efficient work models, waste management, etc.).