COMEVAL VALVE SYSTEMS: Technology for total control of water

World Water Day motivates us to reflect on the significance of water, a scarce resource that is of vital importance to the planet.

In recent decades, water control technology has evolved in parallel to the general awareness of users, despite a significant increase in demand for consumer and industrial use.

There are many examples of water control technologies aimed at optimising the resource at facilities such as desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants, metering stations etc. The common goal is the sustainability of water for our daily lives.

COMEVAL VALVE SYSTEMS specialises in the design and supply of valves and water control equipment.

We provide comprehensive control solutions for automated water management and metering stations. Our portfolio offers a combination of energy savings, 24/7 uninterrupted operation, accuracy, and guaranteed and regulated water supply service according to the needs of the plant.

The XLC Series of control valves offer unlimited functional options, with a valve for every application: flow, level and pressure control as well as control of other parameters by means of pumps, tanks, networks. Control programmes can be adapted by means of Bluetooth® and solenoid valves, and day and night demand can be regulated.

The VRCD Series of Direct Control Regulating Valves enables autonomous control of networks without control parameters other than the flow itself.

Air control in water pipes plays a vital role in the prevention of serious damage. The FOX, LINX, GOLIA and ARGO Series of air valves provide the required guarantee of security. For larger volumes and the prevention of water hammer, we off the exclusive AVAST design– a mechanical anti-water hammer tank ventilated without an internal inflatable rubber membrane.

For flow control in more demanding applications, Series FC800 Series annular valves complete our range of solutions for water management and control.

Our UNIWAT® Valve range enables us to equip all water systems with Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves and Dismantling Joints.

Our comprehensive Technical Catalogue has become an indispensable reference tool. It can be consulted and downloaded from our website in the Markets section – Water Sector.