COMEVAL VALVE SYSTEMS is a leader in the water and environment sector, with high quality products and the support of our expert commercial partners, who have a longstanding international tradition in valves and water control products. Exclusive product dealerships allied to proprietary products give us a strong presence in the Irrigation, Waste and Treatment, Water Supply and Desalination sectors.

Our products include: shut-off valves, check valves, automatic control valves, water air valves for clean water and wastewater, filters, and anti- water hammer tanks for pressurised systems.

FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

On acquiring our products, clients can avail of the added value provided by our specialists in the form of advisory services based on the study of customer applications and the selection of equipment and installation locations to prevent air in pipes, water hammer and other hydraulic phenomena. This forms part of our standard management service. We offer a first-rate after sales service, either on the premises of the customer or in our proprietary workshop. This service covers repairs, reconditioning, testing, modification, leak sealing, machining, installation, onsite consultancy for improved productivity, etc.