Commissioning of the Al Ghubrah Desalination Plant in Muscat

Last February, Cadagua reached the COD (commercial operation date) for the Al Ghubrah Desalination Planta in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, after passing on first attempt the acceptance tests of the OPWP (Oman Power and Water Procurement). This was a real challenge, as the technical and operating requirements required could be catalogued as some of the most demanding in the desalination market worldwide.

The consortium headed by Cadagua has designed, built and commissioned the desalination plant with a budget of 215 million dollars. This project, based on Reverse Osmosis technology, is capable of producing 191,000 m3 of drinking water per day to supply a population of 700,000 persons in the metropolitan area of Muscat.  The operating of the Plant will make it possible to meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region, together with the decommissioning of several old installations which are no longer efficient.

The Plant has overcome important milestones during its construction, including over 3 million hours worked without Lost Time Injuries (LTI) while maintaining excellent safety conditions throughout the entire Project, this being acknowledged by over 2000 workers intervening it its construction and proving the unquestionable commitment to safety of Cadagua.

Cadagua has developed many projects in the region of the Persian Gulf, highlighting among them the Medina Yanbu desalination plant, in Saudi Arabia; the Darsait wastewater treatment plant, in Oman; or the Al Zawrah desalination plant, in Ajman (United Arab Emirates).

As a whole, Cadagua has designed and built over 235 water treatment plants with a capacity to supply over 21 million persons.