Commitment to the economy the backbone of the SIGAUS Sustainability Report 2020

SIGAUS has published its annual Sustainability Report for 2020, a year marked by the pandemic and the entity’s efforts to maintain its service to all sectors of the economy. SIGAUS has contributed to keeping many of these sectors active through its work in the management of used industrial oil. The entity has provided essential coverage to sectors such as the automotive, hospitality, agri-food and transport industries.

The new Report, launched in 100% digital format, features an in-depth analysis of SIGAUS’ management activity last year. Available at, the Report structures the activity of the entity in different areas, reflecting the economic, environmental and social dimensions of the organisation’s work. It also features a number of different graphs that provide more specific breakdowns of the activities carried out.

The SIGAUS 2020 Report has the support of the Spanish Government’s Secretary General for Innovation, Teresa Riesgo, who points out that the lubricants sector is one of the most dynamic in terms of innovation and highlights the role of SIGAUS as an umbrella organisation that channels the environmental commitment of the sector.

The microsite also features a video-presentation with a summary of the main figures for 2020 and a description of the efforts made to provide an effective solution for used oil, work that continued uninterruptedly throughout the year.

This year, the report also features the collaboration of the Secretary General for Innovation, with Teresa Riesgo contributing an interesting analysis of the role of science and innovation in the current economic recovery. The article makes reference to the lubricants sector as being amongst the most dynamic in terms of innovation.