Our ongoing objective is to make FuturENVIRO the leading  publication in the waste management and recovery  market and, like last year, our Technical Guides provide a  consultation reference for experts in the recycling industry.

We begin this year with our, by now, consolidated and much-consulted Guide to Stationary & Mobile Primary Shredders for recycling plants. This is complemented by comparative tables and technical guides on sorting technologies, something that engineers and developers of turnkey waste treatment and management facilities have being requesting us to do for some time now.

In addition to featuring a new Guide to Eddy Current Separators and Magnetic Separators, this issue also includes a comprehensive Guide to Optical Sorters.

Optical separation technologies enable the sorting of almost all waste types: MSW, packaging, plastics, paper & board, wood, metals, glass, inert materials, etc. Sensor-based automatic sorting is replacing conventional methods because it maximises the recovery of recyclables and enables fractions of great purity and consistent quality to be obtained, thereby helping to reduce costs and increase profitability at treatment plants.

The different detection technologies include: near infrared spectroscopy (NIR), X-ray transmission (XRT), visible range spectroscopy (VIS), colour cameras and electromagnetic sensors (EM), X-ray fluorescence (XRF), Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and LASER technology. These technologies are used for different separation tasks and can be used flexibly and in combination to enhance recycling processes at waste treatment plants.

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Published in: FuturENVIRO March 2017