Consensual National Water Pact with guarantee of long-term continuity

The minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, indicated that the Spanish government would begin negotiations with the different political parties for the purpose of promoting a National Water Pact that would be a true State water policy. This pact would be integrating, consensual, demonstrate solidarity and leave aside political rivalries.

García Tejerina has given details of the four main pillars on which the National Water Pact will focus: compliance with the environmental targets set out in the River Basin Management Plans, the implementation of Flood Risk Management Plans, the promotion of a battery of measures in the area of water governance, and attention to water demands and deficits.

In this context, the minister explained that the government has the necessary plan and capacity for dialogue to achieve compliance with the objectives of the Water Act, thereby ensuring the good state and adequate protection of water masses, ensuring that supply demands will be met, and harmonising regional and sectoral development. She pointed out that in January 2016, the government had ratified the 12 revised second-cycle River Basin Management Plans. These plans will be in force until 2021 and they envisage the execution of over 10,000 measures and total estimated investment of €15.000 million.

In order to achieve this consensus, the minister explained that the Ministry had commenced a first round of talks with all the Autonomous Communities, users, irrigators and representatives of civil society in July. Now negotiations with the different political parties will get underway with the aim of ensuring that the Pact is consensual and endorsed by a large parliamentary majority.

As the minister pointed out, in the area of water and in other matters, “we must join forces and work together for the common good, and there is no room for anything that does not contribute to this end”.