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Almar Water Solutions – Platinum sponsor of IDA World Congress 2019.

Toro Equipment to showcase latest water treatment innovations at Aquatech Amsterdam.



DESAL+ LIVING LAB, the perfect ecosystem for ongoing innovation in desalination.

Boron removal with thin film nanocomposite (TFN) membranes.


Smart City. Smart Water

Water experts for the world of water.

A drone for underground inspection.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for innovative.


Water Management &Treatment

Wastewater treatment at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Extension to the Sabadell-Riu Sec WWTP with the installation of Europe’s largest MBR system.


Irrigation. Reuse. Water Footprint

Lack of experience a problem in the area of water.

Water reuse – proposal for regulation.

Technology-based irrigation: the response of agriculture to challenges facing the sector.

Reduction and efficiency of water use in irrigation.

Global groundwater footprint triples current aquifer capacity.



Putatán-2 DWTP (The Philippines)


Cover Story



For the purpose of integrated, sustainable management of all wastewater treatment at industrial plants, ADIQUIMICA has developed monitoring and control systems that meet all Industry 4.0 objectives. In addition, ADIQUIMICA has the strategic goal of developing the ADIC GREEN range of water treatment products. These effective products are eco-friendly, highly biodegradable and have low toxicity for humans and aquatic systems, whilst being extremely costcompetitive compared to traditional products.


Monitoring, control and predictive systems for water treatment ADIQUIMICA has developed systems that enable performance optimisation of industrial cooling systems, steam boilers and reverse osmosis systems. ADIQUIMICA systems meet all stages of Industry 4.0 objectives, including process data acquisition, interpretation and management of key aspects of installation, and the generation of conclusions and recommendations. The implementation of these systems provides an innovative, cutting-edge technological solution that enables real-time optimisation of chemical treatments, adapting them to specific needs at any given point in time, whilst minimising operating costs and environmental impact. The systems that enable optimised control of all water treatment facilities are as follows:


1. ADICONTROL equipment developed entirely by ADIQUIMICA. ADICONTROL units provide real-time analysis of the concentration of the main active ingredients of all products dosed. This system has the advantage of analysing the real concentration of the product without the need to add trace molecules in the formulation. ADICONTROL equipment also reduces operating costs and minimises the environmental impact associated with the discharge of chemicals into the environment.


2. Predictive analytics software for optimal product doses to inhibit scaling, control corrosion and prevent microbial development in areas of risk. Based on the acquisition of plant operating data and the analytical composition of the flows to be treated, the predictive module precisely simulates the behaviour of the water in the treatment systems and recommends the optimum product dose in accordance with needs at any given time. This predictive module uses different software programs developed exclusively by ADIQUIMICA in accordance with the system treated: ADIC-IONIC for cooling systems and ADICRO for reverse osmosis systems. ADIQUIMICA software differs from most competing programs in that it incorporates a module for the precise calculation of the ionic balance of the water. Integrated ionic balance models enable forecasting of the exact distribution of ionic species in the water, taking over 130 ion pairs into account. This does away with the limitations and constraints of forecasts based on simplified indices.


3. ADICLEAN fouling diagnosis and evaluation software, fully developed by ADIQUIMICA. The ADICLEAN system identifies fouling problems at facilities, detects the specific causes and suggests action to solve the problem. These recommendations are of great help to plant operators in the decision-making process.