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The new KONTI J – where tradition meets technology

¿La economía circular entiende de género? / Does the circular economy distinguish between genders? By Gemma Castejón Martínez, Industrial Engineer and Director of the Energy and Environmental Technology Centre of the Region of Murcia

Reconstruct or create a new more competitive and more sustainable economy
The recovery in Spain will be circular.
The alliance for packaging recyclability: a need that has become a reality
How to foster the circular economy through citizen participation: Pilot project in District of La Victoria (Valladolid)

Another great year for selective glass collection in Spain
Environmental impact of large cruise ships.
The LIFE PLASMIX Project addresses the mechanical recycling of the most complex plastics.
End-of-Waste criteria for plastics.
Importance of shredders for efficient customised treatment in the circular economy
Particularly wide feed opening for easy filling
Innovation in pioneering projects to enhance and optimise processes

Reinforcing public-private partnership will be vital in this crisis: Unity = Future
Software that cuts fuel consumption in refuse collection vehicles

Balers, compactors & Ballistic separators

Bioenergy: socially, environmentally and economically sustainable energy

Circular economy and construction waste

Eco-design of high-performance sonograph for sustainable noise pollution management

MAY - JUNE 2020

Cover Story


Our initial idea was to launch the new series of the iconic KONTI at the IFAT trade fair, usually held every two years in Munich (Germany). Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak forced us to change our plan.


The new plan revolves around our blog, which we hope will have the same impact as the fair and although it won’t be possible to “touch” the machine, we will be demonstrating the details and features that truly bring this new baler to life.

Therefore, and with undiminished enthusiasm, we are pleased to present the new KONTI J, the baler that combines Tradition with Technology.

The KONTI baler, which has enjoyed worldwide success has evolved over time. New launches of the series have led to the gradual disappearance of certain features associated with the KONTI. With the J Series, our goal was to reverse this trend. It has been designed with an eye to the past, whilst at the same time implementing cutting-edge baling press technologies.

The result is a baler that places special emphasis on Reliability and Robustness, and a unit that weighs up to 30% more. The new KONTI J is bigger, stronger and heavier than previous models. It features lower energy consumption, improved bale densities, and the very best connectivity and data options enabled by state-of-the-art electronics.

The KONTI J offers innovative details and features, such as the new pantograph, press plate guides, wire guides, connection between the press chamber and the outlet tunnel, paint system, tying systems, etc.

We continue to offer 6 models in the range, with pressing forces of up to 200 tonnes and 2 bale formats: 750 x 100 mm and 1100 x 1100 mm.
Like the previous series, the new KONTI J offers 3 types of wire tying (vertical, horizontal and cross-wise tying).

In the 750 x 1100 format, bales are tied with 5 vertical wires (+3 horizontal wires if ordered with crosswise tying capabilities). Bales with the 1100 x 1100 mm format can have up to 5 vertical wires (+4 horizontal wires if ordered with crosswise tying capabilities) or 5 horizontal wires in the horizontal-tying model.

Some of the most outstanding features of previous series have been retained and continue to be implemented, such as the large press chamber doors, arranged on both sides of the baler, and the water cooling system in the main cylinder, which prevents overheating of hydraulic oil and the need for complex tubing.