Decree passed to modify Integrated Waste Plan in Autonomous Community of Valencia

The Regional Cabinet of Valencia has passed a Decree to modify Decree 81/2013, which ratified the Integrated Waste Plan of the Autonomous Community of Valencia (PIRCV).

Highlights of the new PIRCV include a “pay as you throw” system, to be implemented through new collection systems such as door-to-door collection or equivalent systems adapted to the specific needs of municipalities. The system to be implemented will be decided by the local entity responsible and will incorporate new technologies.

The revised plan also sets out minimum ratios for environmental educators, who will work on a daily basis with citizens to foster waste prevention, reuse and high-quality recycling. Single-use products made of plastic will have to be effectively recyclable at the very least.

The new regional waste plan is completely based on the principles of the circular economy, and envisages the implementation of policies geared towards “zero waste”.

The new plan will also promote selective collection, at municipal level as well as at public and private centres of all types. Selective collection of biowaste at source will be implemented at regional level, with the aim of optimising efficiency and ensuring that not more than 10% of this waste is landfilled, in accordance with the targets set out in EU Directives.

A number of material recovery techniques will also be promoted, such as the use of materials obtained from biowaste, particularly with respect to the organic fraction that is not selectively collected.