Saudi Arabia has a population of 33.4 million and is the world’s third largest consumer of water per capita, after the United States and Canada. The Shuqaiq 3 desalination plant is located on the Red Sea coast, between the existing Shuqaiq 1 and MSF facilities, and the current Shuqaiq 2 Independent Water and Power Project. The design is based on reverse osmosis technology, which is a reliable and efficient technology that reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant has a total net product water capacity of 450,000 m3/d. An additional 3,150 m3/day is produced for the internal water consumption of the plant (chemical preparation, conveyance water, cleaning in place (CIP) for RO membranes, etc.), which accounts for around 0.7% of the total required production capacity.

The Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) awarded the contract for the construction of the Shuqaiq 3 seawater desalination plant to a consortium made up of Marubeni, Almar Water Solutions, Rawafid and Acciona Agua. The plant supplies drinking water to the regions of Asir and Jazan.

Published in: #91 FuturENVIRO June – July 2022