Design, construction, operation and maintenance of two desalination plants in Qatar by ACCIONA Agua


Ras Abu Fontas 3 has a capacity of 164,000 m3 per day. The final client for the water produced at the plant is the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA). ACCIONA Agua is responsible for operation and maintenance of the plant for a period of 10 years.

The construction of the Ras Abu Fontas 3 desalination plant represents a milestone in the desalination world, given that it is the first time reverse osmosis technology will be used on a large scale in Qatar. Until now, only evaporation technology was used for the desalination of seawater.

Umm Al Houl will produce 284,000 m3 per day of seawater desalinated by reverse osmosis, as part of a large-scale Independent Water & Power Project (IWPP) that will produce around 2,500 MW of electric power and will reach 614,000 m3 per day after the start-up of the new facility. The contract covers the design, construction and subsequent operation of the facility. The following table provides a summarised overview of these Acciona Agua milestone facilities in Qatar, which will be described in greater detail below


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Plant Report published in: #51 FuturENVIRO June 2018