The SUEZ España Dinapsis Control Centre in Benidorm has now enjoyed two years of success in the area of sustainability. This article outlines the main projects and innovations coordinated at Dinapsis to revolutionise digital management of cities.


We live in a time of change thanks to digital transformation, a revolutionary process that has now made inroads into all areas of day-to-day life. Digitisation has opened up myriad possibilities for the enhancement of innumerable economic, social, technological and environmental processes. The management of cities has also benefitted greatly from the implementation of digital processes, which are of key importance in a context of rapid urban population growth.

Dinapsis, the innovation hub and operations centre created by SUEZ and Hidraqua (subsidiary of the SUEZ group in Spain) has become a benchmark in the area of efficient city management in the two years it has been operating in Benidorm.

At the outset, this pioneering centre was envisaged as a space for the implementation of the most cutting-edge integrated urban water cycle management solutions. These innovative technologies are developed in six different areas or labs. The Digital Innovation Lab focuses on the creation of systems to optimise integrated urban water cycle management. The User Lab concentrates on researching technologies that improve user experience. The City Lab is a also a key laboratory, whose function is to develop solutions to improve all types of critical city elements, such as air quality or resource management. Its work is very related to that of the Business Lab, which works on urban resilience projects in order to guarantee the functioning of critical structures in crisis situations. The remaining two laboratories, the Communication Lab and the Sustainability Lab, are devoted to communications and urban sustainability solutions.

Initially envisaged as an innovation hub, Dinapsis has assumed growing importance in controlling territorial operations, to the point where it has now become an indispensable tool for the daily management of cities.

Published in: Nº61 FuturENVIRO June 2019