Domestic composting: the missing piece of the puzzle is you

The Regional Ministry of the Environment in Galicia and Sogama have launched a website to provide citizens with guidelines on domestic composting.

The Regional Ministry’s firm commitment to domestic composting is reflected in the 2010-2020 Municipal Waste Management Plan for Galicia.

Within the framework of the ninth edition of the educational programme, “Tú eres la pieza que falta” (“The missing piece is you”), the Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Planning and Sogama have launched a website:

The aim is to provide citizens with information on the environmental, economic and social benefits of composting.tamaño

The website provides a detailed explanation of composting and how to obtain quality compost through the controlled fermentation of organic matter, i.e, how to obtain a natural fertiliser that complies with all the requirements of current legislation and which can be used for agricultural purposes with absolute guarantees and without restrictions.