Dominican Republic’s first large-scale ELT shredding plant

Grupo SPR supplied, installed and commissioned the Dominican Republic’s first large-scale end-oflife tyre (ELT) shredding facility in December 2017. The plant has an end product output capacity of 5 T/h and an installed capacity of 220 kW. In this first shredding stage, the tyre has an output size of less than 80 mm. The end product is used in the cement industry as an alternative fuel to replace traditional fossil fuels.


Grupo SPR, an international company based in Spain, acts as an integrated partner to offer solutions and equipment for waste treatment and raw materials recovery (secondary fuels, metals recovery, plastics recycling, etc.).

In recent years, the company has intensified its work in the area of solutions for the preparation of alternative fuels, with a view to applying the company’s knowledge and know-how in this field to different projects worldwide.

Grupo SPR has participated in many alternative fuel production projects for cement companies (such as CEMEX) in different countries. In 2017, the company installed treatment lines in Spain, Mexico and the Dominican Reupublic.

The production of ELT-based alternative fuel is a particular strength of Grupo SPR. ELT pose a major problem worldwide and many different processes are implemented for their treatment.

However, mechancial treatment has proved to be the best, most environmentally friendly and most cost-effective way of processing tyres to convert them into new products. The treatment line installed in the Dominican Republic corresponds to the new ELT Compact Treatment Plant, designed by Grupo SPR. This compact plant offers an excellent solution in terms of reducing the initial investment and operating costs associated with the preparation of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from ELT.

The ELT Compact Treatment Plant is designed to produce fractions of 80-150 mm, depending on the application. The demand for products in the market enables the execution of four different stages, depending on customer needs.

The SPR Compact ELT Treatment Plant affords: highly efficient separation, optimisation of costs, solutions adapted to customer requirements and high-quality recovered products that meet European standards related to Integrated Management Systems.

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Published in: FuturENVIRO #48 March 2018