Two important desalination plants to go into operation in the middle east

Dos importantes desaladoras a punto de inaugurar en oriente medio

Within a couple of months, Acciona will commission two important desalination plants in the Middle East: the Al Jubail desalination plant in Saudi Arabia with a capacity of 100,000 m3/day and the Fujairah desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates, with a capacity of 137,000 m3/day. The two plants are described in this article.

In October 2012, the Marafiq Power & Water Utility Company for Jubail & Yanbu, awarded Acciona Agua, in consortium with the Saudi Arabian BinLaden group, considered one of the world’s leading construction companies, the contract for the design, construction and commissioning of the Al Jubail seawater desalination plant. The plant will serve the city and its associated industrial complex, which are located in the Eastern Province on the Saudi Arabian coast of the Persian Gulf. This is Acciona’s first contract in Saudi Arabia and the plant is scheduled to commence operation within the next two months.Construction of the plant, named SWRO-4, began in 2012 and the facility has a capacity of 100,000 m3 per day, double that of the combined capacity of the five existing desalination plants in the city.

The industrial city of Al Jubail has two MSF (Multistage Flash Desalination) plants and three reverse osmosis plants with a combined capacity of 84,000 m3 /day. The MSF plants use water from the Arabian Sea for desalination and the production of drinking water, while the reverse osmosis plants are fed from twelve wells in the Al Jubail area. These Marafiq plants not only meet the water needs of the city of Al Jubail, but also supply other parts of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO April 2015