DuPont Water Solutions at EDS Conference 2022

DuPont Water Solutions en la Conferencia EDS 2022

DuPont Water Solutions is a gold sponsor of the European Desalination Society (EDS) Conference 2022 at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain from 20 to 23 June 2022 at the Palacio de Congresos de Canarias.

Attendees will be able to meet DuPont technical experts to discuss the latest developments in desalination technology and discover how it is being deployed to help organisations across the world to efficiently treat sea and brackish water.

Several DuPont Water Solution team members will be part of groups presenting papers during the three-day event, discussing recent developments in desalination technology, and how DuPont can assist with the delivery of flexible cost-effective robust water treatment solutions:

  • Industrial scale pilot at Maspalomas I desalination plant demonstrates the efficiency of DuPont™ B-Free™ pre-treatment – a new breakthrough solution against biofouling – 3.00pm, June 21
  • Inside-to-out ultrafiltration membranes for the treatment of wastewater containing powdered activated carbon – 4.20pm, June 21
  • The importance of long-term stable performance of reserve osmosis elements – 11.00am, June 22
  • New seawater fouling resistant membrane element – 11.20am, June 22
  • Breakthrough dry-tested seawater reverse osmosis elements – Noon, June 22
  • Development of a novel method for biofilm visualization on reverse osmosis membranes – 12.20pm, June 22

The EDS Conference is a major annual event for the European water sector, bringing together industry, research and government decision-makers for discussions about desalination technology and applications. This year, delegates will be exploring whether desalination should be integrated into the national or regional water management plans, and the ensuing socio-economic and environmental benefits of this decision.