DuPont Water Solutions finishes acquisition of inge GmbH

Last Thursday, DuPont announced that after signing agreements to acquire the Ultrafiltration Membrane business from BASF –inge GmbH – including ultrafiltration and membrane technologies – the acquisition has been finalized and is now in place.

“As a global leader of innovative water solutions, the integration of inge®’s technologies extends our water purification capabilities and helps meet growing customer demand for ultrafiltration,” said Rose Lee, President, DuPont Safety & Construction. “inge® is an ideal fit for enhancing our ability to design tailored, integrated solutions for drinking water, and industrial and wastewater treatment applications.”

inge GmbH industry-leading multi-bore PES ultrafiltration technology complements DuPont’s leading portfolio of water purification and separation capabilities. The product lines will join DuPont’s trusted FilmTecTM Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes, “IntegrafluxTM / IntegrapacTM Ultrafiltration Portfolio, and Amber series of Ion Exchange Resins to provide more options for customers. “Today marks a new trajectory for our business,” said HP Nanda, Global Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Water Solutions.