Over 65,000 million plastic PET bottles were recycled in Europe last year

PET is by far the most recycled plastic material in Europe, with around 65,000 million bottles recycled in 2013.

According to the chairman of Petcore Europe, Roberto Bertaggia: “The demand for PET as the material of choice for packaging is still on the up, gaining ground in new markets thanks to innovative applications. The ease with which PET can be recycled and reused for a wide range of end-uses is part of this success story and this is helping achieve a circular economy in Europe”.

“From the perspective of sustainability, our industry is thrilled that 2013 saw the equivalent of 56% of all the PET containers in circulation being collected for recycling. There is still a wide disparity in the collection rates between the different Member States and all the parties concerned need to work together to bring collection processes into line with the aim of achieving the recycling objectives recently announced by the European Commission”, he added.

Casper van den Dungen, chairman of PET at PRE (Plastic Recyclers Europe) and member of the board of Petcore Europe, emphasised that “the total collection of PET bottles in Europe amounted to 1.64 million tons, representing an increase of 7% on the previous year. We continue to have sufficient recycling capacity to allow us to recycle more”.

He also pointed out that, “in any event, one of the factors that will reduce our ability to use this additional capacity margin is the increasing complexity of some packaged bottles. The improvement in and standardisation of the collection and classification processes will help check this situation”.