€2.8 million investment to upgrade Mareseme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre operated by Veolia

Veolia has carried out a number of enhancements at the Mareseme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre managed by the TEM consortium, in which the company has a stake. The objective was to optimise materials sorting and increase the percentage of materials recycled, thereby reducing environmental impact. The improvements carried out to date and the work envisaged for this year will require total investment of €2.8 million.

The Mareseme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre is located in Mataró. It currently manages 270,000 tonnes of waste per annum from the Maresme Consortium of Municipalities and other districts (Vallès Oriental). The facility serves a total population of almost 1 million.

The centre specialises in the treatment of municipal solid waste and includes sorting, composting, methanisation and energy recovery plants. The facility recovers around 18,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per annum and produces 92,000 MWh of power through the recovery of energy from unrecyclable materials, thereby ensuring that these materials are not landfilled. The centre also treats waste from industries located in the area. In total, it manages 270,000 tonnes per annum of municipal and assimilable waste.