€4.6 million authorised for management expenses associated with Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund

The Spanish Cabinet recently authorised the assignation of a maximum amount of no greater than €4.6 million for management expenses associated with the Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund.

This amount, ratified a few days ago, will be devoted to operations required for the management of the Fund, such as support for management tasks, execution programmes and entities, sustainability assessments of completed programmes, and knowledge management in order to identify and implement lessons learnt.

FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

A total of almost €800 million has been spent since 2009 and a further €868 million has been made available for local expenses with the participation of for other types of financing initiatives, in what is known as the “Great Fund”. These initiatives include delegated cooperation with the European Union, as well as reimbursable cooperation or technical cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank Aquafund.

The Cooperation Fund implements programmes in 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries. The objective is to enable three million people and 1,150 schools to have access to drinking water and sanitation, as well as to train 640,000 people in the area of hygiene and environmental education.