Ecocentral Granada, at the forefront of materials recovery in Spain

According to the most recent Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs (MAGRAMA) annual report (for the year 2013) on waste generation and management at municipal level, the Ecocentral Granada is the leading Spanish waste treatment facility in terms of materials recovery.

The Ecocentral Granada is a mechanical-biological treatment facility. It was created as the result of project to automate and extend the old Loma de Manzanares recovery and composting plant. The facility is located in the municipal district of Alhendín, around 15 km south of the city of Granada.

The plant is designed for the treatment of waste from non-segregated domestic collection (organic-rest fraction). It comprises 4 process lines with a capacity of 30 t/h, giving the plant a nominal treatment capacity of 450,000 t/annum. The 4 lines are arranged in a 2 + 2 structure to give the plant a symmetry that enables it to work with two different types of material simultaneously, whilst also enhancing the stability of the process. Stadler Selecciona, S.L.U. was responsible for the integration of processes and equipment at the facility.

The facility had excess capacity with respect to the quantity of organic-rest fraction waste received (355,000 tonnes in 2015). This meant that, with some small modifications to the original design, it could also be used for the sorting of packaging waste from the yellow container (8,100 tonnes in 2015), thus becoming Spain’s first hybrid plant.

The plant operates from Monday to Saturday, with 10 production shifts and 6 equipment cleaning and maintenance shifts per week. 8 of the production shifts are devoted to processing the 120 t/hour organic-rest fraction and 2 to sorting the 10 t/hour waste packaging stream.

Francisco Peula y Ricardo Alonso
Provincial Council of Granada

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