Ecocentral Granada at the forefront of recycling in Europe

LIFE4FILM and LIFE PLASMIX: Two European LIFE Projects, some of the stages of which are being carried out at the Ecocentral Granada Complex.



In this report, we will describe the different stages and processes of two European LIFE projects based in Granada in which FCC is participating as project coordinator. The initial classification stages of the two LIFE projects will take place at the Ecocentral Granada complex (Alhendín). The remaining stages will be carried out at the Marchalhendín industrial estate, thus minimising the environmental impact associated with transport and logistics.

LIFE4FILM project

The LIFE4FILM project seeks to implement a demonstration pilot plant of an integrated solution to separate low-density polyethylene (LDPE) from municipal solid waste (MSW) and recycle it for the production of plastic bags, thus closing the loop for plastic bags and packaging by converting these materials into new plastic bags (bag to bag). LIFE4FILM consists of developing an industrial line with four stages: separation, washing, extrusion and end product manufacturing (blowing). A plant on a pre-industrial scale, incorporating all four processes, will be developed and optimised.

The output capacity of the pre-industrial plant has been set at between 500 and 550 kg/h, which is approximately 33% of the output of a large-scale plant. In order to ensure realistic and reliable technical and economic feasibility results, the necessary machinery cannot be implemented on a smaller scale.


The LIFE PLASMIX project seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of a process to recover mixed plastic (PP, PS, EPS) from MSW and mechanically recycle it in the form of regrind suitable for reuse in the production cycle.


Published in: FuturENVIRO #72 July – September 2020