Ecoembes kicks off European Circular Packaging Challenge programme

Ecoembes pone en marcha el programa europeo Circular Packaging Challenge

The European Circular Packaging Challenge programme aims to encourage startups to tackle the major circular economy challenges through innovation and the development of solutions. The programme also seeks as to promote synergies amongst the companies collaborating in the project.

Ecoembes is promoting the Circular Packaging Challenge, a European competition for start-ups to find the most effective solutions to drive the circularity of packaging.

This initiative, coordinated by TheCircularLab, the Ecoembes circular economy open innovation centre based in Logroño, calls on all startups in existence for less than 10 years and wishing to address the challenges of the circular economy to participate, regardless of the European country in which they are based.

This edition of the programme will be enriched by the collaboration of over 20 companies that place packaging on the market and form part of Ecoembes, including: Azucarera, bonÀrea, Campofrío, Capsa Food, Coca Cola, Danone, Euromadi, Florette, Galletas Gullón, Grupo Lactalis, Inquiba, ISDIN, Leche Celta, L’Oreal, Mahou-San Miguel, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Nueva Pescanova, PROSOL, RefresCO, RNB, Scheiber Foods, the SPB Global Corporation, Unilever and Zelnova Zeltia. These companies will participate throughout the startup recruitment phase. They will have the opportunity of connecting with the startups, developing joint pilot projects or being part of the panel of judges that evaluates the finalists.

Through this programme, and through the implementation of innovation, the startups will be required to respond to two specific challenges: firstly, to find solutions that help the packaging sector drive its transition to circularity, through eco-design, more sustainable packaging, material selection and separation systems, etc., and, secondly, to undertake projects that improve packaging information and traceability, and which, with the help of new technologies, help citizens to recognise packaging or labelling linked to sustainability.

The period for the submission of applications to participate will continue throughout the entire summer. Subsequently, these applications will be evaluated in accordance with criteria such as the technology readiness level of the projects presented, the degree of innovation used in the development of the proposed solution, the real effectiveness of these solutions in terms of addressing problems within the framework of the two proposed challenges and the milestones achieved by the start-ups themselves throughout the process.

During the competition, the startups will go through different selection stages, presided over by a professional panel of judges made up of experts from TheCircularLab and the collaborating companies. 16 finalists will participate in the final event.

The winners of the Circular Packaging Challenge will be announced at the event, which will be held on an open basis to enable the attendance of other actors in the sector and the participation of leading experts. In addition to receiving prizes, the winning startups will gain international visibility, access to new business and synergies with companies in the sector. Moreover, they will also have the opportunity to participate in pilot projects in which they can demonstrate their full potential.