Ecoembes launches TheCircularCampus, the new circular economy training space for businesses

TheCircularCampus is a space for knowledge and training on the circular economy. It features a digital campus to promote learning in this area for the more than 12,000 companies that form part of Ecoembes, the organisation that coordinates packaging recycling in Spain. The training project offers more than a hundred valuable resources and services, as well as online and face-to-face training to promote sustainability and the circularity of packaging amongst these companies.  

Ecoembes, the non-profit organisation that coordinates packaging recycling in Spain, has launched TheCircularCampus, an online space to facilitate training on the circular economy for companies that form part of Ecoembes. Ecoembes is currently made up of more than 12,000 companies from different sectors – including food, distribution and personal care – that place packaging materials on the Spanish market and are increasingly taking steps to incorporate the circular economy into their business strategies.

The new campus seeks to offer companies information, knowledge and resources related to the circular economy, as well as to provide a space for them to share their best practices and help them move towards this new model, through the sustainability and circularity of their packaging.

Over the last two decades, Ecoembes has accompanied companies in their transition to the circular economy “by providing them with the necessary training so that they can comply with their legal responsibility to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of their packaging, and train their employees in matters of recycling,” says Begoña de Benito, Director of External Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility at Ecoembes. “We have worked with companies to ensure that their packaging is made with fewer raw materials and is more easily recyclable to encourage circularity. TheCircularCampus is a further step in our commitment to move towards the circular economy, a path we embarked on in 2017 with the creation of TheCircularLab, the first innovation centre in this field in Europe. The new training space will foster knowledge, innovation and networking amongst companies so that they can be even better-prepared to embrace the circular economy and address the global challenge facing us”.