Ecomar Foundation celebrates 20 years under the Honorary Presidency of His Majesty the King

Under the honorary presidency of His Majesty the King, the Ecomar Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary with a simple ceremony at the facilities of the Canal de Isabel II Foundation in Madrid. In attendance were Daniel Calleja, Director General of Environment of the European Commission, Mariano Soriano Lacambra, Director General of Sport, Itziar Martín Partida, Sub-Director General for the Protection of the Sea, Rafael Prieto, Vice-President of Canal Isabel II and Theresa Zabell, President of the Ecomar Foundation.

The Foundation expressed its gratitude to the heroes of Ecomar, the elite sportspeople who fight alongside the Foundation for cleaner seas, including: Saúl Craviotto, Marina Alabau, Jordi Xammar, Aitor Fracesena, Gisela Pulido, María Perelló and Alex Pella.

Since its creation, many businesses and hundreds of sailing clubs from Spain and Portugal have cooperated with Ecomar.

At the event, the current state of our planet was highlighted, a state that can be summarised by the Ecomar slogan “we have only one body and one planet on which to live, so let us take care of them”. The Foundation has now been working for 20 years in this area and needs the cooperation of everybody to continue to prosper and spread the message that it is possible to have a better planet, cleaner, more sustainable seas and to ask our rulers to give their wholehearted support to environmental education.