Economía Circular en Acción platform born to promote green, circular economic recovery in Spain

The Economía Circular en Acción (Circular Economy in Action) platform has been created to promote green, circular economic recovery in Spain. The platform, initially composed of eight leading Spanish companies and organisations, aims to provide visibility for circular projects that contribute to the economy in terms of investment and job creation, thus forming the basis for solid, sustainable and inclusive growth. Ecoembes has participated in this initiative from the outset, through two of its flagship projects: Reciclos and Libera.

All the members of Economía Circular en Acción are committed to SDG 17 and working on the development of projects, products, systems and strategies that help to promote the circular economy in Spain. And their aim is to foster investment and projects that result in the creation of jobs. In fact, the projects envisaged by the members of the platform will see the investment of almost a billion euro and the creation of at least 4,600 direct jobs in Spain.

This was the message conveyed by platform members two weeks ago in their formal virtual presentation of the initiative and its projects to the Secretary of State for the Environment of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Hugo Morán, and his team. In addition to Ecoembes, the companies and organisations of which Economía Circular En Acción is composed are: Cosentino, Faconauto, Ferrovial Servicios, IKEA, Mercadona, Oficemen and Sedigas.

The circular economy in Spain needs to be driven by the private sector, in combination with brave and committed public authority strategies, in such a way that it enjoys a regulatory framework that generates social consensus, active participation of the value chain, investment and reinforced legal certainty. All of this has the dual objective of creating stable, quality employment and advancement of the ecological transition in Spain. It is an opportunity that cannot be allowed to escape. According to European Commission estimates, if all current legislation governing waste was enforced, over 400,000 jobs would be created in the EU, 52,000 of them in Spain.

Some of the envisaged projects are related to packaging reuse, the development of renewable gases, the promotion of energy self-consumption in households and industrial recycling in sectors such as the automotive industry. All the projects are being undertaken with the clear objective of contributing to the transformation of the production system in Spain, raising standards of sustainability and availing of all the economic opportunities afforded by the circular economy.

Economía Circular en Acción has been set up at a transcendental time, when the Spanish Government has just greatly bolstered the legislative framework in the area of the environment by ratifying the Bill on Climate Change and Energy Transition, and approving the Spanish Circular Economy Strategy. This strategy sets a target of reducing national materials consumption by 30% and waste production by 15% with respect to 2010. The platform hopes to contribute actively to the achievement of these targets and is confident that accelerating the implementation of the circular economy will lead to an economic recovery that can only be green, whilst also having a positive impact on society.