Ecopilas sets new record of over 8 t of batteries collected at sports events in 2019

Ecopilas set a new battery collection record at sports events in which it deployed its containers in 2019. Over eight tonnes, or the equivalent of 400,000 used batteries, were collected. Ecopilas also set a new record for its participation in sports-related events, through presence at a total of 26 events, including disciplines such as cycling, sailing, football, canoeing, rugby and hockey. Ecopilas has thus confirmed that activities related to sport are amongst the best scenarios in which to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and to promote good habits in this respect.

Most of these 26 competitions took place during the summer. In May, the month featuring greatest Ecopilas participation in such events, the foundation collected over 1.5 tonnes of batteries in six competitions, including the Vuelta a Asturias cycling race, where Ecopilas was taking part for the fourth consecutive year.

Ecopilas collected 2,323 kilos of batteries in July and 2,400 kilos in August, making these the months with the highest collection figures. In August, Ecopilas participated in the Descent of the River Sella for the sixth consecutive year, as well as in the Vuelta a España, where the foundation deployed containers during the 21 stages of the cycling event. Ecopilas has been collaborating with this event since 2011.

With respect to sports sponsorship, Ecopilas has been collaborating with the Areces Ecopilas roller hockey team for two years and the Extremadura-Ecopilas cycling team since 2016. Through its collaboration with these teams, the foundation collected 620 and 877 kilos of batteries, respectively, in 2019.

Ecopilas is a pioneer in terms of associating sport with awareness and education in recycling habits. The organisation started to carry out environmental awareness campaigns at sports events in 2011, when it began cooperating with the Vuelta a España. Since that time, and given the excellent citizen response, the foundation has extended its collaboration with different amateur and professional sports events year by year.

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