Ecotic manages over 76 million kg of WEEE in 2015

Fundación ECOTIC is a non-profit organisation devoted to the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Through its Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System, the foundation collected a total of 76,843,266 kilograms of e-waste in 2015, up 18% on the previous year.

In its ten years of existence, Ecotic has financed and managed a total of 435,600,569 kilograms of WEEE, thus consolidating its position as Spain’s leading electronic recycling organisation.

This significant increase in collection figures is a result of Ecotic’s commitment to cooperating with all actors in the recycling sector. The organisation has very fluid relations with public authorities, waste managers, and producers and distributors of electrical and electronic appliances.

Ecotic provides these actors with significant support in the implementation of Royal Decree 110/2015, which has resulted in an important transformation of the sector in the last year.