Remote management system for irrigation networks in Sabadell

Sabadell is fast becoming a smart city benchmark in Spain as a result of measures aimed at promoting sustainable mobility, environmental and energy efficiency, efficient infrastructure management and other initiatives inherent to the smart city concept. The services implemented by the Sabadell City Council within the Smart City framework include a smart management system for the water network, pneumatic waste collection networks, mobile telephone payment options and remote management for the irrigation of parks and gardens. The latter service is provided by Talher, a subsidiary of Clece Medioambiente.
Since July 2007, Talher has been responsible for the maintenance of green areas in Sabadell. As part of this service, the company has implemented centralised and remote management systems for irrigation of the green areas of the city of Sabadell. This web-based system operates by means of a hybrid GRPS and RF communications system. The use of sensors enables control of irrigation by means of software that can be accessed via tablet, smartphone or computer.

This system achieves enhanced water efficiency, especially in conditions of rain, wind and ice, resulting in savings in water consumption.
The irrigation management system comprises a hub computer incorporating a modem with SIM card, an RF transmitter-receiver, rain, wind and temperature sensors, with 220 V power supply, a solar or battery powered autonomous RF repeater, and a controller with RF communication. This wireless system does not require construction work of any kind and telephone communication costs are very low.
David Gómez Lloría, Area Manager for Catalonia at Talher

Article published in: FuturENVIRO September 2013