ELMASA Tecnología del Agua upgrades Seawater Desalination Plant in Puerto Rico

ELMASA Tecnología del Agua has carried out comprehensive upgrading work at the Seawater Desalination Plant (SWDP) in Puerto Rico. The work, carried out over a period of more than a year, encompassed both the seawater intake structure and the SWDP itself.

This upgrading project has achieved the different objectives set out in the design plan. The nominal production capacity of the facility has been increased to 6,500 m³/day and the specific energy consumption of the facility has been reduced by 32%, from 5.77 to 3.87 kWh/m³.

To achieve these goals, the ELMASA Water Technology technical team carried out the following work: reconfiguration of the production lines; enhancement of the seawater intake pumping system; installation of a new sand filter; installation of a cleaning pump; installation of a new dosing tank; installation of additional pressure vessels and reconfiguration of existing pressure vessels; modification of the high pressure pumps; installation of a booster pump; implementation of a pressure exchange system; installation of a new lifting station; upgrading of electrical installations; installation of a new monitoring and control system, and hydraulic connection of the new equipment.