ElPozo Alimentación saves over 200 million litres of water per annum with Veolia Water Technologies

The food company and Veolia have embarked on two new projects aimed at efficiency and environmental enhancement

Since 2003, the Spanish subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies and ElPozo Alimentación have cooperated on several projects with the common goal of ensuring sustainability and respect for the environment. One of the greatest examples is the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at the Alhama factory in Murcia.

Within the framework of this cooperation between the two companies, the project to optimise the permeate recovery rate of the existing reverse osmosis plants (also supplied by Veolia) stands out. The process water from these plants is used for different industrial purposes in the factory. This initiative enables the use of 48 cubic metres of water per hour, representing a significant reduction in ElPozo Alimentación’s water footprint as it enables the company to reduce its intake from the public supply network by over 200 million litres per annum. An achievement which, without any doubt whatsoever, underlines the company’s firm commitment to optimised water resource management in a region particularly hard hit by the effects of climate change.

The second initiative seeks to increase sludge treatment capacity at the industrial WWTP, through the installation of a centrifuge that enables the treatment of an additional 25 cubic metres per hour of sludge, with a dry matter content of 20%. The project is completed by the supply of a storage silo with a capacity of 100 cubic metres to optimise dewatered sludge management and logistics.

This project defines the ambition of Veolia Water Technologies, which seeks to help its industrial and municipal clients optimise water resources, increase the efficiency of their facilities and reduce operating costs through all the projects it undertakes. The company achieves this thanks to its great expertise and experience in water treatment, combined with cutting-edge technology, associated services and digital solutions.