EMASESA ratifies works and projects with investment of over €157 M

On Friday 14 May, the Executive Board of Seville’s metropolitan water company Emasesa approved investments totalling more than €157 M for Seville and towns served by the utility.

A number of the initiatives ratified stand out due to their marked contribution to the environmental sustainability of Seville and the fact that they represent a real driving force for both economic and social reactivation. These include the project to build the Copero environmental complex in Dos Hermanas (Seville), for which the Executive Board has approved planned investment of 34 million euros. Other outstanding actions are the renovation of Emasesa infrastructure and further urban development work in the Avenida de San Francisco Javier and the Avenida de Luis de Morales in the Nervión district of Seville. Investment of 13.8 million euros has been earmarked for these projects.

These investments are complemented by others that will enable infrastructure renovation projects of importance for both the city and the metropolitan area. These include the project to replace the SE-S320 sewer in the Calle Secoya and the rehabilitation of the section of the 1600 mm diameter Carambolo-Adufe water pipeline that runs above the Guadalquivir river.

In other towns served by Emasesa, apart from the aforementioned initiative in Copero, improvements to the supply network have been approved in Calle Nuestra Señora de Águila, Plaza del Duque and Calle Orellana, all located in in Alcalá de Guadaira.

In Mairena del Alcor, €4,440,000 will be invested in replacing the MA-100 Mairena del Alcor- Mairena WWTP sewerage pipeline.

Also of note are the actions to be carried out in Coria del Río to eliminate a number of discharge points in the sewerage system and the implementation of corrective quality control measures for the authorisation of discharges.