ENAPAC desalination project in sights of Asian, Middle East and North American funds

TRENDS Industrial presented its Energías y Aguas del Pacífico project, ENAPAC, during the Sovereign Wealth Funds Roundtable, Investment Opportunities in the Latin American Business Hub, organized by InvestChile.

In front of executives from different sovereign funds convened by the government through the InvestChile agency and with the aim of generating new investments in the country, ENAPAC was presented along with other projects. The desalination initiative will be built in the Atacama region of northern Chile, with the purpose of providing a solution to the water shortage in the region and whose investment could exceed 1,000 million dollars, for which it seeks investors.

“Our project is a proposal of a large scale desalination plant with use of solar energy and shared infrastructure, for the Atacama region”, explained Rodrigo Silva during his presentation. Also, the CEO of the project which is within the list of the Management of Sustainable Projects (GPS) Office of the Ministry of Economy, pointed out that the project “is multi-client, so that customers will benefit from a good price through scale economies as the Atacama region by reducing the need for each project to build their own desalination plants, pipelines and power lines “.

ENAPAC consists on the construction of a large-scale desalination plant with a production capacity of 2,630 l/s (227,000 m3 / d), together with a 100 MW photovoltaic power plant and a water reservoir of 600,000 m3, all in a single project. The project will be located in the municipalities of Caldera and Copiapó, and will be used to supply desalinated water to different industries in the region, especially mining, becoming the first “multiclient” project with these characteristics in Chile and for a region that goes through a severe water crisis.

The project already has its Environmental Impact Study (EIA) approved and is finishing the process to recieve the Maritime Concession by the authority. In addition, ENAPAC is nominated for the “Nobel Prize of Design”, the Design to Improve Life INDEX: AWARD, which is currently the most important award for design and sustainability, worldwide.

The representatives of the sovereign funds listened attentively to the details of the ENAPAC project and during the round of questions they showed their interest in different aspects such as the potential clients of the project, as well as the business prospects for the construction and operation stages of the project.

The funds manage assets for an amount that more than duplicates those administered by the entire Chilean financial system: GIC Asset Management, of Singapore (USD $ 398 billion), Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (USD $ 356 billion), Investment Corporation of Dubai (USD $ 233 billion), Korea Investment Corporation (USD $ 134 billion), China Minsheng Investment Group (USD $ 90 billion), Colony Capital (USD $ 44 billion) and DP World.