Ence committed to energy production with biomass and diversification into other renewable sources

Ence is working on the development of six renewable power plants in Andalusia. 90 MW will be generated using agroforestry biomass and a further 240 MW using solar photovoltaic energy

The company is firmly committed to the vitally important objective of decarbonising the Spanish energy model. This commitment is underlined by the six renewable power plant projects currently underway in five Andalusian provinces. The plants will have a total installed capacity of 330 MW from renewable sources, which comes on top of the installed capacity of Ence’s currently operating plants.

The six projects, which have all received the Grid Access Feasibility Report from REE (Spain’s Transmission System Operator), are at different stages and the corresponding administrative procedures, environmental studies and social studies are progressing on schedule.

Of the two projects that will generate electricity from agroforestry biomass, the El Ejido plant in Almeria is at a more advanced stage. In the case of this plant, the company has availed of the slowdown caused by the COVID-19 situation to work intensively on the engineering and logistics of the project. Ence is confident that the Energy Auctions, reflected in the Spanish National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), will soon be published. This is vital in terms of endowing the project with certainty.

The plant planned for Almeria is designed to provide an effective environmental solution to problems in the area by recovering greenhouse by-products and it will be accompanied by another 50-MW project in the municipal area of Cordoba. The preliminary administrative and environmental applications will be submitted for the Cordoba project in the coming weeks. The plant will primarily recover agricultural by-products form the surrounding area to generate electricity.

The largest of the solar photovoltaic projects will have an installed capacity of 100 MW and will be located in the municipality of Andújar, in Jaén. Another 90-MW plant is to be built in Salteras in the province of Seville, while a 40-MW facility will be located in Lepe, in the province of Huelva. Moreover, the installed capacity of the Ence energy complex in Huelva is to be increased by 10 MW, with the new plant benefitting from all the energy infrastructure currently in operation at the complex.