Energy recovery under the microscope at international forum in Mexico

The 2015 International Forum on Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste was held on October 7 and 8 in Mexico City. The event covered a wide range of topics and consisted of the presentation and discussion of political, financial, technical, legal and social aspects of energy recovery from urban waste.

During the event, there was analysis of progress in Mexico in this area and opportunities for implementing the different technological options currently available in the international market.

FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

These include technologies for: obtaining biofuels and/or the generation of electricity through anaerobic digestion of biodegradable organic waste in landfills or in bioreactors; the substitution of fossil fuels through the co-processing of waste in cement kilns; and the recovery of the energy generated in other thermal technologies, such as incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, etc.

The event was organised by the GIZ (German Development Cooperation), as part of its Energy Recovery from Urban Waste in Mexico (EnRes) Programme, the Secretary for Energy, the Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources, and the German Embassy.  The Energy Recovery from Urban Waste in Mexico Programme (carried out by the GIZ in collaboration with SENER/SEMARNAT) seeks to avail of the energy potential of urban waste for the purpose of contributing to security of supply and achieving the goals, policies and implementation of renewable energies set out in the Special Programme for the Use of Renewable Energies.

It also aims to contribute to achimexico1eving the targets set in the Special Programme for Climate Change 2012-2018 for municipal waste management and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Through its General Climate Change Act, Mexico has set itself the ambitious goal of reducing GHG emissions by 50% before 2050, with respect to emissions in the year 2000.

The papers presented at the Forum can be downloaded here.