Environmental challenges in Colombia and Mexico

A brokerage event to be held on September 13th and 14th in Bilbao will be attended by Colombian and Mexican public authorities and business people, who will outline the main environmental challenges facing these countries in the areas of waste, water and environmental protection. The aim is to exchange experiences and set up potential cooperation agreements with local companies operating in the sector.

The Basque Environment Cluster (ACLIMA) has organised a number of trade missions this year and these have served to provide first-hand information on the growing concern for the environment in Colombia and Mexico. These countries are faced with challenges of growth, equitability and sustainability, and their institutions, encouraged by an increasingly committed and responsible society, are examining the best solutions available worldwide.

The meetings held by ACLIMA with Colombian and Mexican institutions, associations and businesses have enabled some of the most interesting waste, water and environmental protection challenges facing these countries to be highlighted. These challenges require public-private partnership, innovative solutions and a combination of local talent and know-how from other countries that have faced similar challenges.

The 1st Aclima Global Brokerage Event (I Encuentro Aclima Global) takes place in this context. The aim is to exchange experiences related to the environmental challenges identified and to establish relations to enable new opportunities to be jointly addressed.

The event will be held over two days and divided into three blocks: waste, water and environmental planning. Each block will devote a session to the presentation of environmental challenges by the Colombian and Mexican representatives and this will be followed by the B2B meetings.