EsAgua, Spain’s first water footprint platform

La plataforma EsAgua se presentará en Barcelona el próximo 18 de febrero en la Jornada “Huella hídrica: indicador de eficiencia y sostenibilidad en la industria”.

A seminar entitled “Water Footprint, Indicator of Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry” will be held in Barcelona on February 18. The event is being organised by SUEZ, a worldwide leader in water resource management, in cooperation with CETAQUA (Water Technology Centre). A highlight of the seminar will be the launch of EsAgua, Spain’s first water footprint platform.

EsAgua is a unique, innovative project in Spain that seeks to to create an alliance of pioneering Spanish companies with an interest in water footprint, which is an global indicator that enables measurement of the volume of water used in the production of a good or service. This communication platform seeks to satisfy the growing need for information on the water footprint of organisations, processes and products order to achieve more sustainable and equitable use of freshwater.

The online platform is promoted by CETAQUA, AENOR and the international organisation WaterFootprint Network, and it has the support of CEIGRAM, the R&D centre of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
The launch will take place in the Ágora area of the Museu Agbar de les Aigües de Cornellà in Llobregat, Barcelona, and will feature the participation of Professor D. Arjen Hoekstra, who will present a paper entitled: “Water Footprint Assessment: evolution of the field and challenges for business”