Monforte de Lemos DWTP in Lugo, Spain


New DWTP with comprehensive, versatile and fully
automated treatment

The poor performance and advanced state of deterioration of the old Ribasaltas DWTP, which lacked a sludge treatment line and operated almost entirely in manual mode (even filter cleaning was manual) made it necessary to renovate, expand and improve drinking water supply to Monforte de Lemos. This has been achieved through the construction of a new DWTP with comprehensive, versatile and fully automated treatment which includes a sludge line. Moreover, the entire facility is housed in a single industrial building to facilitate maintenance and prolong lifespan.

The project was developed by state-owned company Aguas de las Cuencas de España (ACUAES), which belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs.

In a period of 18 months, a new DWTP with a capacity of 230 l/s, which can be increased to 300 l/s, was built on a site adjacent to that of the old Ribasaltas DWTP. The plant consists of two independent lines, with pre-filtering, ozone oxidation, pH adjustment, physicochemical treatment, lamella settling, triple-layer gravel, sand and anthracite pressure filtering, and final disinfection with sodium hypochlorite. The facility features important environmental enhancements such as a treatment line featuring dissolved air floatation and dewatering in centrifuges of sludge generated in the settling tanks and filters.
A 3,200 m3 regulating tank was built alongside the plant. A pumping station with capacity for 300 l/s and a pressure pipeline of 251 metres in length was built between Ribasaltas and O Cornado.